Productive weekend… and the birth of this blog! UniFi Controller in Azure on Ubuntu, CloudFlare DNS setup, etc…


This is the first time I’ve ever posted anything on this blog, and I must say, it feels… odd. I’ve had this domain for a few years now, but strangely, something today spurred me to be “productive” in an oddly… useless kind of way. I set up WordPress, and did a slew of other stuff – which I’ll detail here!

Here is a quick sample of what I’ve got at the house:

  • A fiber internet connection (300 down, 300 up).
  • Various PC’s – I personally have (2) very strong ones, and my roommate has (1) strong one and my old… also strong one.
    • Specifically, I have:
    • 8700k + GTX 1080 rig…
    • 7820x rig (stream PC + VM work)
    • 6700k (older rig my roommate uses as his stream PC).
      • His main rig is also a 8700k + 1080…
  • We have a LOT of devices – random devices (Apple TV, Chromecast, 2x XBox 360, a Nintendo Wii U, security system panel, cell phones, tablets)…
    • Upwards of 20+ devices are usually connected, even passively, through Wi-Fi.
    • Additionally, we have upwards of 30+ SSID’s visible 24/7 in our highly congested suburban neighborhood.
  • To resolve this, we stopped using the ISP’s built-in Wi-Fi (The router is great!) and purchased a Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR.
    • It’s connected in the living room to an (8) port gigabit switch, that’s connected back to the main office room via EoP (Ethernet over Power).
    • This AP does not have it’s own standalone interface – it requires a controller.

Here is where my project began:

I began my day cleaning up a few of the excess items around the house, and I found a box for the access point. I remembered – we have a guest network, but I can’t remember the password!
So, I boot up the VM for this controller and it begins doing Windows Updates. Not a big deal – except it took nearly 45 minutes.

I decided this had to change – every time I use this VM, it’s something (such as Windows Updates, or a Java update breaks the UniFi controller, etc).

So, being that I have an MSDN subscription which gives me $150/mo for Azure, I decided to forego this VM. I logged into the controller application, did a backup, and powered down the VM.

I also got this domain setup & sitting behind CloudFlare…

Ahhh, fun times. No idea what’s next… I’d like to get some OAuth2 pre-authentication enabled, but something else is next… just gotta figure out what!

Author: David

I have been working for Microsoft for nearly (2) years, before that I was a consultant for an MSP and worked at other various companies getting exposure to a large assortment of technologies!

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