Ubiquiti USG-3 added… thoughts.

Welp, I’ve had the itch to snag a UniFi USG (Unified Security Gateway) for quite a few years. I’ve never quite needed one, but I’ve wanted one for… reasons.

So I bought one on Amazon for $105, it arrived today and I got to working. 

Product purchased:

I’m currently using my ISP’s provided router. It’s actually quite nice – supports VLANs, I can modify the DNS records, and it’s been extremely stable. We’ve had uptimes of upwards of 90+ days consistently before I restart it just… because.

So – I unplugged the WAN port from it, plugged my USG into Power, the WAN cable into the WAN1 port on the USG, and LAN from my PC into the LAN1 port on the USG.

  1. I navigated to
  2. I found that it had Internet access – I modified the Inform URL to contain my cloud UniFi Controller address, instead of the default (http://unifi:8080/inform)
  3. However, when I hit “Set”, it greyed out – saved my URL – but it never completely saved it.
    See here (custom URL shown, then my custom one entered – never works).
    However, it never showed up in my UniFi controller. ☹
  4. I utilized Ubiquiti’s Chrome Discovery application (Chrome extension) to see if I could find the culprit.
  5. Interestingly, the device showed up here – with the default inform URL?…
  6. I manually entered my URL, hit execute, and it immediately showed up in my controller!

At this point, everything was … ok, ish. Adoption never completed. I perused the Ubiquiti forums, because after a while, it changed from “Adopting” to “Disconnected.” It turns out I had to go back into the UBNT Discovery Tool, and “Set” the Inform URL again. After doing this, everything worked fine!

I host my UniFi controller in Azure, using a B1s instance (1 vcpu, 1gb ram). I ran into this earlier:
Looks like I’m out of memory.. heh. I resized it to a B1ms (2gb ram, 1vcpu) and restarted it… 

….and we’re good to go!
I’m trying to figure out why I’m getting a bit slow upload speed (we pay for 300/300, and usually get 350/350, but now we’re only getting 350/265)…

…and, after tweaking, I didn’t find anything obvious.
Additionally, I found NO way to manually add DNS / host records in the GUI.

While I like the functionality (I established a VPN connection to my lab in Azure, for example – and the IPS is great) if I have to keep tweaking, I’ll likely return this unit due to the lack of a few basic features. As my scenario is now, I don’t benefit much (or at all) from this device, but if I can get it ironed out we’re in a great place. 🙂

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