Update to USG-3 post – Returning it…

Hello! This is a quick reference to my previous post, found here

I’ve decided to return my USG-3. My reason was not due to the issue of speeds being incorrect (for some reason, I’m still getting 350 down/265 up, while previously it was 350/350)  even with my ISP’s modem.

However, as of now, it’s not providing much use – It can support VLANs, great integration with UAP AP’s, etc – however, simply put, I don’t need any of this currently in my living situation. That, combined with some other strange oddities (such as not manually being able to update the zones in the DNS forwarder), plus not getting much additional functionality than my current modem provides (where I can, for example, update my DNS forwarder/zones…) has prompted the return of it.


In the future, I’d like to use it, some UniFi switches, etc – however, currently I don’t have any use for this. I will say, however, it’s a phenomenally great product and I am glad I got to use it – Ubiquiti’s stuff is unbeatable for the money.

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